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거침없이 하이킥
Unstoppable High Kick!
Q & A 
25th-Jun-2007 07:33 am
Purple Life
Thanks for joining you guys! I'm glad there were other High Kick watchers on LJ :D Anyways to get things rolling:

Who's your favorite character on the show?
It's a hard question since each of them is hilarious >>; but my top twothree definitely are Yunho, Min Young & Min Jung 8D
17th-Jul-2007 01:50 am (UTC)
YUMI + BUM [+ CHANSUNG] Best characters. I love the gek shik goo episode. XD

But Yunho because Jung Ilwoo is a hottie *____*

And porn!grandpa is awesome too.

Basically I love everyone.
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